Workstation evolution: The electric Furna E-Top Sit Stand Workstation

Workstation evolution: The electric Furna E-Top Sit Stand Workstation

Authored By Furna Team

With the launch of the internationally known Varidesk desk top workstations, the popularity of quickly and easily turning a static desk environment into a sit-stand one took off quickly in offices and home study rooms across the world. We at Furna had success with our own version - the Furna Sit Stand Gas Adjustable Workstation, however we were never quite happy with the limited height range and settings inherent with gas adjustment.

This lead to the new Furna E-Top; the desk top sit to stand workstation of the future. We took our experience with strong, steel motorized desk frame legs from our E1 and E2 full-sized office desks and built a desk-top style workstation with the same great benefits.

Mounting options

When moving from sitting to standing, you need your screens and gadgets to move with you. As seen in the graphic above, the E-Top can handle various setup combinations. Suited to the mounting of up to 2 x VESA mount compatible monitor screens (one included free, and the dual-monitor mount is available as an optional extra). Just using a laptop? That works too - though we recommend the use of a basic laptop mounting device (sold separately) to hold it up at the right eye level for you.

Some laptop mounts that we recommend are:

- The Amazon Basics adjustable setting mount (cheapest)

- The Nexstand foldable and adjustable mount (mid-range)

With electric adjustment comes added ease of use and strength. Touch sensitive button controls can lift over 30kg which more than covers two heavy monitor screens and a laptop.

Most importantly, you can set exactly the height that suits you rather than being locked in to the number of gas adjustment settings on a conventional sit-stand workstation.

Keyboard & mouse maximum standing heights (above desk top)

Varidesk Gas Workstation: Up to 35.5cm

Furna Gas Workstation: Up to 37cm

Furna E-Top Electric Workstation: Up to 46cm

The E-Top therefore suits a wider ranger of people due to around 10cm added keyboard (used area) height above the desk below. 

Stability & safety

The frame of the E-Top is made of strong and heavy steel which allows for rigidity and stability even when two 24" monitors are mounted. The main column or "spine" of the workstation is what we use in full-sized Furna E2 desk legs, giving the unit plenty of power and reliability.

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