November update - new products and more!

Authored By Will Williams

We're excited to talk about some of the newest products in our sit stand adjustable desk range, as well as upcoming developments!

New products

Earlier this year we launched the Furna Sit Stand Gas Adjustable Desk-Top Workstation pictured above, which has proven popular with customers looking to add standing (and sitting) capability without getting rid of their current desks. This is a robust but compact unit with gas springs to allow comfortable adjustment while up to 15kg of equipment is loaded on top!

Furna Airlift Sit Stand Desk - Standing Desk

This week we've welcomed the Furna Airlift Standing Desk - Sit Stand pictured above, which is gas spring model in the form of a full sized sit to stand frame! Holding up to 15kg while retaining ease of movement (like our Desk-Top Workstation), this model can hold up to 100kg on it when not being adjusted. With a more compact size of 120 x 60cm compared to average full sized frames, this fits more easily into a home office or study/bedroom while giving all the benefits of standing at your work pace.

Product range changes

The Furna E2 desk has been our most popular product so far, and we will be expanding the in stock to add Black and White frames in early 2017. This will mean we have three frame and three desktop colours to choose from to suit as many preferences as possible!

The similarly popular Furna E1 range will be discontinued as the price points of the E1 and E2 get closer. While the E1 has been a good choice for those looking for the cheapest electric desk, the costs to manufacture the E2 are coming down more rapidly and we believe we can continue to offer leading value to customers by focusing on a single full size electric model in 2017.

Upcoming products

We're currently working on a new electric desk-top standing workstation. This will be an alternative to our current Furna Sit Stand Gas Adjustable Desk-Top Workstation and will add considerably more height range for those taller people!


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