Introducing the Furna Hemingway Standing Desk

Authored By Will Williams

Known as one of the greatest authors and journalists of the 20th century, Ernest Hemingway was a real proponent of standing while working. He famously wrote in a letter in 1950 that "Writing and travel broaden your ass if not your mind and I like to write standing up,", which we think is such good advice that we have named our flagship model after him.

However, in 2015 sit-stand desks have evolved to be a product fit for multiple uses. The Hemingway Sit Stand Desk allows people of varied height to set the desk to their exact requirements, whether they choose to sit or stand (and most people do both). Most importantly, we're offering sit-stand convenience at a market leading price using our direct factory-to-consumer online business model!


Click here to see the new Furna Hemingway Standing Desk!

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